Initial Feasibility

Corrosion protection feasibility studies for business plan framing and project management:
Technical feasibility study including available methods recommended for each application, short technical description and individual technical parameters and resources. Review of structure engineering drawings and data analyzing.

Economic feasibility study including costs and benefits analysis of the proposed CP system. Budget estimation.

Operational & Schedule feasibility study including operational forecast regarding reliability, maintainability, supportability, usability, sustainability and affordability of proposed system. Timetable preparation.

It is important to maintain facilities in an operational condition at the lowest overall cost. If too little emphasis is placed on corrosion control, corrosion can cause failures and often result in either maintenance cost or replacing the total facility. However, it is also possible to expend excessive funds on an attempt to needlessly eliminate all corrosion. Through an economic and mission analysis, a proper balance can be maintained between the potential impact of corrosion and the cost to prevent it.

The probability of corrosion of metallic structures, pipelines, vessels etc are governed not only by the properties of the materials and the corrosive agents but also by the design, their size and by external electrochemical effects. International standards (DIN 50929) provides information which serve as a basis for deciding which protective measures may or must be taken.
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